Dating in Ramadan

27 09 2007

Normally I do not have many dates but Ramadan is a different matter altogether. In Ramadan I have this sudden urge to have dates and even breaking my fast with a date. There are a lot of people out there who like hot dates but I am not one of them. I prefer dates who are sweet. Also there is no harm in having the same types of dates on consecutive days but I prefer to have different types of dates and from different countries. I think variety makes Ramadan exciting. As Muslims we should not discriminate amongst dates of different nationalities and so I do not discriminate between different dates and especially not in Ramadan. I say give me French dates, Pakistani dates, Chinese dates, American dates, Arab dates, Persian dates and if there are mixed dates then that is even better. In some cases the person who is arranging for the dates for iftar may not have seen the date but that is fine with me because I do not have any problem with blind dates.

So the other I was at this iftar event and then I saw one of the brothers who was taking care of the food. I approached him and asked, “Brother can you please hook me up with some dates?” He was flabbergasted at first but soon regained his composure and said, “Astagfirullah.” My reply was, “Did I say something wrong? Come on brother, there is no harm in a date, especially in Ramadan.” Now he was visibly annoyed but did not say anything, well if he did not want to give me any dates then that was his choice I can try other venues. So I headed toward the sisters section and asked one of the sisters to arrange for a date.




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27 09 2007

HAHAHA! so, how did the said sister react?

27 09 2007

Well lets just say that she was nicer than the brother and found me a sweet date but that is another story.

27 09 2007

haha, very funny 🙂 This dating could get you married, so watch out :))

Ya Haqq!

27 09 2007

That would be very dangerous brother Irving, wouldn’t it? But its Ramadan so I can’t stop dating. :p

27 09 2007

🙂 That was a good one !!!!

28 09 2007
a s m a


Lolz … Nice one !!

28 09 2007

hahahaha I love dates to , but the halal ones yeah .

28 09 2007

lol, tut tut 😛

My dates have bugs 😦

28 09 2007

Maryan, a s m a, amal, Sumera: Welcome to the blog.

Sumera: Bugged dates, not a good thing.

28 09 2007
Unique Muslimah

looool! I just got it!

29 09 2007


I love dates too. I’ve already had had at the least 250dates. Planning to have as many.

Bon appetit to you.

29 09 2007

Unique Muslimah, good.

Manas: Man you have been getting lot of dates.

4 10 2007

I’ve been dreaming of dates all Ramadan too, and I must say Saudi dates are the best 😉

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