Hand Held Calculator Turns 40

28 09 2007


Geeks of the world rejoice and celebrate – the hand held calculator is 40 years old now and it was invented by Texas Instruments, a name which is familiar to most Engineering and Computer Science students. This was another important milestone in the history of computing and some would argue us slackers but I would defend those scientists and engineers who worked in slackerization (is that a word?) of culture. Imagine how would you have survived in those engineering classes without the awesome device known as the calculator.




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29 09 2007

These ‘great’ inventions are actualy making us dumber , due to technology are brain
inteligence is reducing . Because we don’t use our brains like we used I suppose.

29 09 2007

My comment was meant to be half-sarcastic but you are also right there is some truth in this assertion. What to do? More rigorous education?

29 09 2007

yeah I got the sarcastic part , I think calculaters should be scrapped , the human brain in it self is a calculater , but because since childhood your given the calculater, you start to just rely on it , but if your made to do it , from childhood without a calculater ,using your brain to work out the calculations becomes second nature . See now I find it hard to work out calculations, werase others who I have seen have had a different type of education they just sese their head within a second they figure the answer.
I don’t undertand why people celebrate such stupid things anyway . lol but then again people are getting silliyier.

by the way when I type on your thing , my words start to dissapear in the end were I don’t even know what I hace typed ,what is up with that ?

15 10 2007
Museum of Soviet Calculators « Jahandost

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