Iblis – A Visitation

22 10 2007

As I was busy reading diligently and studying I heard a whisper in the background, “Did you miss me?” I looked back and it was a formless smokeless fiery creature. “Who are you?” I asked. Seeing that I was visibly disturbed he answered, “Now now now, don’t be frightened, son of Adam. You know who I am?” All that I could muster was, “No, I don’t.” “I am your best friend. I am the best friend of humankind.” “No you are not.” By the this time I had realized who he was, then he uttered, “Denial, that is the natural state of humankind. Isn’t it?” “Is it?” “For example, did you not miss me during Ramadan? All of you? Did you not miss me? You did not have anyone to blame for your actions but yourself?” His voice was filled with sarcasm when he uttered those words and then he continued, “And this is not all is it? You need me to thrive, to grow. Without a challenge you cannot go on, can you? If it were not for me then you would be rotting in heaven.” “Begone!” I shouted. “See, denial. That is the natural state of humankind. I just wanted to stop by and say hi or even peace be upon you creatures. Haha,” this time it was not just sarcasm but rather there was also a tinge of dark humor and then the formless smokeless fiery creatures disappeared into the void from which he came from and I was left pondering his words.




6 responses

23 10 2007

Your story is a very nice attempt to show us the reality.

May Allah keep us all away from satan and from his evil wispers.

26 10 2007

wow , satan hisisssssssssssss, in the background wherever I am , he hisses in my hearts of hearts , hisses in my nafs , I want it to go , because satan shackles me in his misery of jeolousy…..

27 10 2007

ok that didn’t happen in reality though, right?

27 10 2007

Maryam, ameen to that.

amal, he/she is everywhere.

walaya, What do YOU think sister? 🙂

29 10 2007

I liked this. Nicely written 🙂

30 10 2007

Thanks sis.

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