An Ode to Achelois

7 11 2007

I promised the noble Suroor that I will write a poem for her. (Ok, so its more like a Qasida) So here it is. Enjoy!

The Noble Achelois
by Jahandost

Achelois is the one who washes away pain
It does not matter if it is a headache or a migraine

She is Achelois but you may think she is Athena
She can be the president like Evita from Argentina

An ablitionist, a warrior she is a Muslim Elizabeth Stranton
She could might as well be the governess of a Swiss Canton

She is the coolest blogger in all of Inglistan and Blogistan
And not just here but Pakistan, Hindustan or any stan

Not enough said but I hope sister you rejoice in this praise
I can keep on going and going with such phrase




7 responses

7 11 2007

Aww! A fitting prose for my soulmate! 😀

7 11 2007

Thank you so much my darling Jahandost! You are a gem 🙂 I’m so flattered I think I’ll steal the kids’ chocolate and have it all!

This is the best poem EVER! And even Sumera loves it 🙂

7 11 2007
Here comes the praiseworthy goddess Achelois. All hail! « Achelois

[…] comedian’ (because he’s into technology and has an awesome sense of humour) wrote an ode to Achelois *cough* *cough* aka me. It will promptly make its way (here is a split infinitive for you!) to the […]

8 11 2007

Hear, hear! 🙂

8 11 2007

You have spelt Qasidah as Qasia!

8 11 2007

loool, That many stan(s) rocks 😀

9 11 2007

Just beautiful 🙂 A fitting Ode!

Ya Haqq!

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