Iqbal Day 2007

9 11 2007

Today is Iqbal Day, the birth anniversary of the great Indian poet and philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal, who has been described as the greatest Muslim thinker for the last five hundred years. Here is an extract from Payam-i-Mashriq (Message from the East)
A stranger to your own identity,
You seek new paths to the stars in the sky.
Open your eyes to yourself like a seed
So that you come out of the earth a tree.




9 responses

9 11 2007

Happy Iqbal Day!

10 11 2007

I dont know about celebrating an iqbal day , but I like ‘Open your eyes to yourself like a seed
So that you come out of the earth a tree’ it really summs up things

10 11 2007

Aap ko Iqbal Day mubarak!

11 11 2007

Mubarak Jahandost!Treat us to some iqbal verse than to mark the glorious day :-p

12 11 2007

Mabrook ………… I never heard his name …… 🙂

13 11 2007

I love Iqbal farsi poems. He has a poem in farsi, that how Eastern people leave their culture of morality and blindly follow the west..

14 11 2007

I always thought he was Pakistani…? He’s brilliant though, whatever he is. 🙂 I plan on getting some of his books when I go to Pakistan..any recommendations?

15 11 2007

Thanks everyone.

Maryam, OMG never heard his name! He is one amazing philosopher, scholar and poet. I will post something on him soon iA.

sillybachi, It depends on how one defines Pakistani. I mean he died before the creation of Pakistan. Regarding recommendations I ‘d say get ALL of them.:p However to narrow it down start with Bang-i-dara, Bal-i-Jibreel, Armagan-i-hijaz and don’t forget Annemarie Schimmel’s Gabriel’s Wing.

8 11 2009

Happy Iqbal Day 2009
Fyi, Allama Muhammad Iqbal was a Pakistani, not an Indian. Iqbal gave the idea of Pakistan. For Excellent source of Info.

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