Yunus Emre

5 12 2007

This is something I wrote a while ago but since the message of jahandosts never get old, I don’t see any harm publishing it again.


In a time where there are lots of suffering all over the world, poems of Yunus Emre are a relief. For those who do not know him, he is another sufi that Anatolia has given birth. He lived sometime from 1240 to 1320. Hundreds of villages claim to be his birthplace or claim to host his tomb. Wherever he was born or died, his message is timeless. He says:

“I am not at this place to dwell,
I arrived here just to depart.
I am a well-stocked peddler, I sell
To all those who’ll buy from my mart “

What Yunus sells is food for the soul and the buyers are people from all different faiths:

“We regard no one’s religion as contrary to ours.
True love is born when all faiths are united as a whole.”
Yunus Emre calls humans of all faiths, all nations to come together and make peace:

“Come here, let’s make peace,
let’s not be strangers to one another.
We have saddled the horse
and trained it, glory be to God.”

Yunus also tells where his message is stored:

“Books are composed by the sages
Who put black words on white pages;
My sacred book’s chapters are all
Written in the hearts that love truly”

Source: Yunus Emre and Humanism by Turgut Durduran




4 responses

6 12 2007

Wow! This is good stuff, ma brother!

7 12 2007

I’d not come across Emre before. Thank you for sharing this with us! 🙂

11 12 2007

You are all welcome!!!

15 01 2008
Abdur Rahman

Salaams Jahandost,

The poems of Yunus Emre never wear out. They simply get better through sharing>

Abdur Rahman

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