Bulleh Shah – The People’s Poet

2 02 2008

One of my friends sent this translation of one of the most famous verses from Bulleh Shah who was a sufi master and a great poet of the Punjabi Language.

Summon Bulleh Shah for Shah Inayat
has brought us to the door,
Whose love do I whirl bedecked
in varied shades of green and red.
Whilst dancing rapturously
Beloved I found thee;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.




3 responses

2 02 2008

i have never heard of this sufi poet, so i’m glad you posted it. i’m going to look out for more by this poet

3 02 2008

Bulle Shah is just amazing!

4 02 2008

visiblevoice, He is from Punjab and has become more popular in the rest of South Asia in recent years.

Suroor, We agree.

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