Today is Singles Awareness Day

14 02 2008

Today is SAD or Singles Awareness Day. Wishing everyone a happy SAD day or sad SAD day. Yeah its kind of confusing.




8 responses

14 02 2008

lol……i like your sense of humour!

15 02 2008

Get married! Will you?!

15 02 2008

Achelois, That’s easy for YOU to say. To get married a man needs three things.
1- Intention.
2- Finances.
3- The Girl.

Having only the first does not help. 😦

15 02 2008

Same to you sweety ………. 🙂
But a Happy SAD …. !!!!

15 02 2008

Some had the saddest SAD day :p

15 02 2008

Reminds me of a Beatle’s Song i used to hear years ago Eleanor Rigby – All the lonely people………where do they all come from? it used to be etched in my brain 😛

I hear ya jahandost. Aww……no 2 nd 3 are compulsory and without no 3………well there just cant be a wedding can there?

A thought just struck me……….why dont u work backwards J…….get the girl, then the finances, then the intention? Might be easier!

15 02 2008

Maryam, Thank you sister. SAD was actually quite happy.

Sumera, sister SAD may not apply to all people.

Abdul, That is an interesting way to think. I will add this to my list of “To Think” items. This would also require that I have to leave my cave, I mean lab, more often.

15 02 2008

Stik! Wish I had known this yesterday! I’ll defenitely remember next year!

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