Steampunk Watch

16 02 2008


One of my side interests is steampunk. As I have stated before it can also be characterized as an aesthetic movement inspired by the Victorian Era. Lo and behold I give you the Steampunk watch. It looks nice but you would not want to wear it all the time.




7 responses

18 02 2008

Do you actually wear this shit around your wrist??? Ok, was only teasing but please tell me you don’t wear it 😀

18 02 2008

First off that is not my wrist and secondly this is a PG blog. No use of the s-word. 🙂 Yes I don’t wear it cuz its not mine.

25 03 2008

I think that watch looks great.

9 04 2008

Lana, I am glad at least one person liked it!

9 04 2008

I’d wear it Jahandost!
i’m not good at reading time anyway, so it doesn’t matter that you can’t really see the dial.

11 08 2008

Hey I think this is incredible looking watch. I am looking for something similar, however being to accurately read the watch should be accentual.

22 07 2010

Love the pic! I am an active member of the steampunk community over here in San Diego and I essentially present a Mughal-inspired interpretation of steampunk, with my red fez hat, panjabi, pyajama pants, etc. I have to say that I find it heartening to see the spread of the steampunk awareness amongst groups that have been underrepresented in the subculture. As a Muslim, I see this movement as a way to revive various modes of traditional aesthetics and thinking, by making them new again, albeit without negative conotations that some may have associated with them. Anywho, nice to see some one else interested in such things as steampunk…I wish you full steampower!

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