Thus Spoke the Danish Sage (Part II)

27 03 2008

Anyone who is familiar with Iqbal’s work will agree with me that if one did not know that these words were written by Kierkegaard then they would certainly say that these words were uttered by Iqbal. One again, I am impressed by the genius of the Danish Sage.





7 responses

28 03 2008

So beautiful and so true. There is no such gift as possibility!

Actually i would’nt have attributed that saying to Iqbal……….maybe im not that familiar with his work.

29 03 2008

I have no idea who Iqbal or Kierkegaard is neither do i know anything about Danish Sage …. lol , But I did like the words, They had a really deep meaning to it, Lovely quote … 🙂

30 03 2008

that was sth…very moving…now u drow my attention on kierkegaard 🙂

6 04 2008

aah Kierkegaard!

9 04 2008

I feel an update time! =)

9 04 2008

Everyone, perhaps I should do a post on Iqbal and Kierkegaard.

Walaya, Its not that I don’t have anything to say but rather I feel somewhat apathetic.

9 04 2008

It amazes me that there are so many wise quotes about, and still so many people in the world are idiots. Doesnt anybody read?
Why don’t we learn stuff like this at school?
Anyway, thanks for teaching me another bit of wisdom 🙂

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