Introducting a New Contributor

15 11 2007

I would like to introduce the readers to a new contributor to this blog, one of my dear friends tauslu who is one of the coolest people that I know. He is one of those who is always out there for you and embodies the spirit of ‘we agree to disagree’ in not just theory but in practice which is a rate quality indeed.


An Ode to Achelois

7 11 2007

I promised the noble Suroor that I will write a poem for her. (Ok, so its more like a Qasida) So here it is. Enjoy!

The Noble Achelois
by Jahandost

Achelois is the one who washes away pain
It does not matter if it is a headache or a migraine

She is Achelois but you may think she is Athena
She can be the president like Evita from Argentina

An ablitionist, a warrior she is a Muslim Elizabeth Stranton
She could might as well be the governess of a Swiss Canton

She is the coolest blogger in all of Inglistan and Blogistan
And not just here but Pakistan, Hindustan or any stan

Not enough said but I hope sister you rejoice in this praise
I can keep on going and going with such phrase

The Meaning of Jahandost

8 10 2007

One of the readers asked for the meaning of Jahandost so I thought I should have it as a separate post so that it is more likely that everyone gets a chance to see it. The word Jahandost is from Farsi or Persian and is a concatenation of two words: Jahan means the universe and dost means friend. Hence Jahandost is the friend of the universe. An equivalent word in the Hindi language is Vishvamitra who is considered to be one of the greatest sages of ancient India and one of the authors of Rigveda. In Allama Muhammad Iqbal (also known as Iqbal Lahori) book Javed Nama Jahandost is one of the persons that he meet in his journey.