Ten Thousand Miles (Part III)

10 02 2008

Count: Its cold here.
Esther: The firewood is out.
Count: I presume we will have to wait till morning to fix this problem.
Esther:Perhaps but what about the electric heater in the basement.
Count: I am feeling lazy right now. Perhaps you should get it.
Esther:You know, you do not have monopoly on laziness.
Count: Yes. (smiles)
Esther:Why? Out of all the places, why did you decide to come here. In the wilderness, in the middle of nowhere, in a small hut? You could have been a big shot. People were also getting to know you also.
Count: I don’t know. I do not know how to explain this. I was just looking for a small corner to call my own. I felt ill at ease with all these people.
Esther:So you left? So you left all of them?
Count: Not all of them. Just some of them … Migrating from one place to another. Each time leaving someone behind until I came here.
Esther:Did you ever regret leaving someone behind?
Count: There was one. I still have occasional contact with them but haven’t told the person where I am.
Esther:Why not?
Count: I don’t know. Perhaps I want them to ask the perennial question or perhaps I just want to be left alone.
Relish in misery?
Count: Well. No. This place is peaceful.
Esther:It is.
Count: One could stay here for some time.
Esther:Away from everyone else?
Count: Yes, away from everyone else.
Esther:This is not what you want, is it? And yet you force yourself.
Count: I don’t know. I do not know anymore.


Jahandost is an ‘idiot’: Reason # 1

3 11 2007

One of the most lovable (and may be even pitiable) character in world literature is Dostoevsky’s The Idiot. Prince Myshkin is sincere in his heart and thus he is taken advantage of by other people and thus he is an idiot. Jahandost does not claim to be as pure of heart or likeable as Prince Myshkin but Jahandost can be an ‘idiot’ nonetheless, at least some of the time. So there was a friend was in desperately in need of some help and had some problem in rent, so Jahandost stepped in since no one else was willing to do so. ‘Of couse’ he would pay back Jahandost at the end of the month but ‘of course’ the friend left the country at the end of the month and then refused to pay back Jahandost. This is so because he will not be getting the money (the security deposit) that he was supposed to give to Jahandost as it has been confiscated (because of fines) and now it would be ‘unjust’ for him to pay Jahandost. This is despite the fact that Jahandost also paid the fine and not getting the security deposit. So basically Jahandost ended up effectively paying the other person’s rent. Afterall aren’t we supposed to supposed to help our brothers and sisters in time of need? Yes we are; even if they think that we are idiots when we help.

So, “Whatever happened to brotherhood?” Now do you know why I am the way I am.