The girl with the pink hijab (Part I)

29 09 2007

Most people have a tendency to paint the world in black and white but the fact is that the world is not black and white most of the time. I have also observed that there also the tendency of dividing the world into ‘us good people’, ‘those bad people’ and ‘other indifferent people’. Sometimes one has to look closely into the ‘other indifferent people’ to realize the humanity of ‘those bad people’ and to come to terms with the fact that there are good or bad people everywhere. And this is where the girl in the pink hijab comes into light. She comes from an East Asian culture where she is a minority and looked down upon if she reveals her religion to her country folk. Its not just the ordinary folk but even the educated people in her country who think like that. This made me think why a lot of Muslims channel their frustrations to only Western countries even though there are countries where Muslims are treated worse.

Its really interesting meeting her. She likes America because here ordinary people understand why she practices certain things like hijab even if they do not agree with her. Perhaps this is one of the things that has made America great – openness to different ideas. Before leaving she said, “Brother I do not want to live two lives any more. One for my country men and one for Muslims. I just want them to understand who I am.” Amen to that. One good thing about America is that it does give you the chance to become what you want. That was the lesson that I learned from the girl with the pink hijab.