Come Let us Go

9 09 2008

From the legendary Punjabi Muslim poet of the 18th century Bulleh Shah.

Chal Bulleh chal outhay chaliyay jithay howan sarai annai
Na koi sadi zaat pehchani, na koi saanu man’nai


Come Bulleh, let go where everyone is blind
So that no one recognonizes our caste and no one recognizes us (as pious)


Bulleh Shah – The People’s Poet

2 02 2008

One of my friends sent this translation of one of the most famous verses from Bulleh Shah who was a sufi master and a great poet of the Punjabi Language.

Summon Bulleh Shah for Shah Inayat
has brought us to the door,
Whose love do I whirl bedecked
in varied shades of green and red.
Whilst dancing rapturously
Beloved I found thee;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.