I am Fast because I am Fasting

11 10 2007

The names of the characters in the following story have been changed, otherwise the story is true. The classmate in question is a non-Muslim who does not know much about Ramadan/Ramzan.

Classmate: Wow you are fast. You type really fast.
Jahandost : I am fast because I am fasting. (slightly mischievous smile)
Classmate: Fasting what’s that? O wait, is that that thing where you do not eat anything all day.
Jahandost: Yes, that is correct.
Classmate: How about drink? Can you drink water?
Jahandost: No, we cannot drink water.
Classmate: Wow. How about going to the restroom? Can you at least go to the restroom? (laughs)
Jahandost: Yes I can go to the restroom. (laughs)

After both people laugh for a couple of minutes Jahandost goes on explaining Ramadan/Ramzan.


Rumi on Fasting

4 10 2007

Celebrate! The month of fasting has come
Moulana Jalaluddin Rumi

Celebrate! The month of fasting has come.
Pleasant journey to the one
Who is the company of the fasting.

I climbed the roof to see the Moon,
Because I really missed fasting
By heart and soul.

I lost my hat while looking at the Moon.
the Sultan of fasting made me drunk.

O Muslims, I have been drunk
since that day I lost my mind.
What a beautiful fortune fasting has.
What a wonderful glory.

There is another secret moon
Besides this one.
He is hiding in the tent of fasting
Like a Turk.

Anyone who comes
To the harvest of fasting in this month
Finds the way to this Moon.

Whoever makes his face
Resemble pale satin
Wears the silk clothes of fasting.

Prayers will be accepted in this month.
Sighs of the one fasting pierce the sky.

The person who sits patiently
At the bottom of fasting’s well
Owns the love of Egypt, like Joseph.

O the word which eats the Sahur meal,
Be silent so that anyone
Who knows fasting will enjoy fasting.

Come, O Shems, the brave one
Of whom Tebriz is proud.
You are the commander of fasting’s soldiers.

Ghazal No. 2344 from the Divan-e Shams-e Tabrizi