I am Fast because I am Fasting

11 10 2007

The names of the characters in the following story have been changed, otherwise the story is true. The classmate in question is a non-Muslim who does not know much about Ramadan/Ramzan.

Classmate: Wow you are fast. You type really fast.
Jahandost : I am fast because I am fasting. (slightly mischievous smile)
Classmate: Fasting what’s that? O wait, is that that thing where you do not eat anything all day.
Jahandost: Yes, that is correct.
Classmate: How about drink? Can you drink water?
Jahandost: No, we cannot drink water.
Classmate: Wow. How about going to the restroom? Can you at least go to the restroom? (laughs)
Jahandost: Yes I can go to the restroom. (laughs)

After both people laugh for a couple of minutes Jahandost goes on explaining Ramadan/Ramzan.