Bulleh Shah – The People’s Poet

2 02 2008

One of my friends sent this translation of one of the most famous verses from Bulleh Shah who was a sufi master and a great poet of the Punjabi Language.

Summon Bulleh Shah for Shah Inayat
has brought us to the door,
Whose love do I whirl bedecked
in varied shades of green and red.
Whilst dancing rapturously
Beloved I found thee;
Love for you makes me whirl in ecstasy.


An Ode to Achelois

7 11 2007

I promised the noble Suroor that I will write a poem for her. (Ok, so its more like a Qasida) So here it is. Enjoy!

The Noble Achelois
by Jahandost

Achelois is the one who washes away pain
It does not matter if it is a headache or a migraine

She is Achelois but you may think she is Athena
She can be the president like Evita from Argentina

An ablitionist, a warrior she is a Muslim Elizabeth Stranton
She could might as well be the governess of a Swiss Canton

She is the coolest blogger in all of Inglistan and Blogistan
And not just here but Pakistan, Hindustan or any stan

Not enough said but I hope sister you rejoice in this praise
I can keep on going and going with such phrase

Koonj on ‘I am a Walking Religion’

5 11 2007

One of my favorite bloggers from back in the days, Koonj, posted a powerful poem not too long ago but I did not get a chance to link to it. Here is an excerpt:

If I am a feminist, you snidely accuse me of cunningly outmanoeuvring my religion.
If I am an academic, you congratulate me on keeping my religiosity at bay just long enough to nab one of your jobs.
If I become depressed, you exhort me to lose the darkness of my religiosity.

If I am happy, you say I am deluded.

I cannot win. I cannot simply be. I must be defined and packed up in a small green box marked ISLAM.
Any flaws I have must be traced back to Islam. Any disadvantages I have must be marked up to my religion.

Any strengths I have must be explained away. I am, you say, too Western to be truly a Muslim woman. You say I am too Americanized to be a truly Muslim woman. I am too critical to be a real believer.

Speaking of back in  the days, Koonj characteristic style was very powerful and yet likable (Ok sometimes she does sound like an aunty). On a lighter note, if you get a chance then be sure to check out Koonj’s Khutba for Dummies. Its a classic. 🙂