Ten Thousand Miles (Part II)

8 02 2008

Vishwamitra: What if nothing matters? What if nothing has meaning?
The Indian Sage: All is destined to oblivion.
Vishwamitra: They why bother?
The Indian Sage: Why not bother?
Vishwamitra: In the end it amounts to nothing.
The Indian Sage: You are forgetting here and now. You are looking at eternity in both directions but you are forgetting here and now.
Vishwamitra: Here and now – less than a drop of water in the immense vastness of time.
The Indian Sage: Less than a drop but have you thought that lessing the misery of single human being is worth more than eternity.
Vishwamitra: As people we have one another against an impersonal universe.


Ten Thousand Miles (Part I)

11 11 2007

Jahandost: Why must one suffer? Why must one suffer at one’s own hand?
The Danish Sage: How else will you know who you are?
Jahandost: How else indeed. You are right.
The Danish Sage: But you want to know something else right?
Jahandost: Sometimes; There are times when I am overwhelmed by the wickedness of people. Its not just them but others too, I feel this distance. Its hard to articulate. Who am I brother? What do I want?
The Danish Sage: Why do you ask me? By asking the question you give the answer yourself. You put your faith in men, in mere creations, what else did you expect to get out of your faith? How high one goes depends upon how high one puts one’s faith and in whom.

The Meaning of Jahandost

8 10 2007

One of the readers asked for the meaning of Jahandost so I thought I should have it as a separate post so that it is more likely that everyone gets a chance to see it. The word Jahandost is from Farsi or Persian and is a concatenation of two words: Jahan means the universe and dost means friend. Hence Jahandost is the friend of the universe. An equivalent word in the Hindi language is Vishvamitra who is considered to be one of the greatest sages of ancient India and one of the authors of Rigveda. In Allama Muhammad Iqbal (also known as Iqbal Lahori) book Javed Nama Jahandost is one of the persons that he meet in his journey.